This contemporary chic pattern is not actually finished by machine. We do have many part of production process with machine, however this pattern is the result of the coincidence by nature.


Which means, for making this chic pattern, we combined two different color yarns, and make it randomly twist. As the result of this work, two different colors are randomly changed and give us a quite interesting pattern.


This is washable, so we can use it again with gently washing and after drying. However, because of its fabric characteristic, not available for washing machine.


But this fabric is coated with OEKO-TEX certified chemicals, so that dirties can be cleaned easier than other fabric placemats.


This fabric is tightly weaved for the first, however by using it again and again, it can be get loose. If you think hard to use anymore, then should have to throw it away. Normally we can use this fabric for 5-10 times.

Product Code :

  • DCK-PM1C-TUNIS : 50x34cm, 12 pcs in 1 pack
  • DCK-PM1B-TUNIS : 50x34cm, 300 pcs in 1 carton box, bulk packed
    • It is a B2B solution.

Available Color : Refer to the below color sample images.


* Actual colors may vary slightly from what appears online. More colors available upon request.