New bouquet designs by Korean florists (1st/Oct)

Natural wrapping materials are getting famous for Korean florists.

Global trends are also widely using natural materials.

Especially our products are made by natural materials, like cotton, jute.

We believe these kind of trend is keep going for a while.


Let’s enjoy Korean florist’s brand new bouquet design!

We’ve been introduced by Korean florist magazine


Hello, from raw material to production, all-new flower wrapper, BOZA / DECOREA.


We’ve been recently introduced by no.1 Korean floral magazine, ‘Flora’.


They got interested in unique and beautiful our product, and they already know that we are Korean leading company in Floral Material Industry.


As you may know, Korea is kind of leading country in Flower Hand-tied bouquet design. Korean florist used to used craft paper, but now, trends are getting changed.


Sorry for the Korean language, but if you are interested in, please check this out!










We’ve been introduced at ‘paperworld’ exhibition, Germany



Hi, there!


We are All-new Flower Wrapper, DECOREA.


We’ve been introduced by our European customers, at paperworld exhibition.

This exhibition is the world largest exhibition for our product category.


This year, two our European customers had their exhibition with our product.


Let’s take a look at the ‘VIVANT’, from Netherlands first.





‘VIVANT’ really liked our product, ‘Lulu Mesh(click)

They likely use our product as a table runner, especially in temporary using purpose.

Because of our natural and unique ‘wave’ pattern of this product.


Next, let’s take a look at the Germany customer, ‘CREATIVE DECO’




This customer prefer our product, ‘Rose Linen(click)‘ and ‘Dodo Linen(click)‘.

They even tried not just a table runner, but also blind.


Don’t you think it’s a fantastic idea?