Inspired by Jackson Pollock’s Drip Painting artwork, we invented very special manufacture method called ‘Drip Weaving’. Traditional weaving process is a method of textile production in which two distinct sets of yarns are interlaced. However, we make our product in totally different way. Therefore it makes our product looks very special.


Our product does not come from the weaving process. We prefer to drip the yarn and wish to finish our product by nature. Those our drip weaving technic makes the product very natural and it is perfectly matched with natural material, flower.


In the result of our drip weaving process, the main product SISAL MESH looks like a nest. Furthermore, we have more variations which is added several technics. That is, ALPS, METALLIC, TWOTON, SNOW, TWOTON SNOW. Those products are based on drip weaving technic and added after works or added special raw materials.